Understanding Patient Perspectives on Medications

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  • Why is the patient perspective important?
    • This module will give an overview of society-wide challenges related to medicines use. You will learn why it is important to understand the patient perspective on medicines use, and be introduced to issues that will be discussed during the course, such as patients’ perspectives versus professionals’ perspectives on medicines use.
  • Patient stories
    • In this module you will learn about patients’ views on medicines use and how medicines are incorporated in their daily lives. You will be introduced to a model summarizing different aspects of the patient perspective on medicines use. You will also meet patients who will tell about their personal experiences with medicines use.
  • The professional perspective
    • In this module you will learn that the patient's rationality regarding medicines use is not always in sync with the professionals’ rationality. You will be introduced to various ways of how healthcare professionals evaluate the patient perspective on medicines use. This relates to satisfaction, patients’ attitudes towards medicines, as well as knowledge of, and behavior related to medicines. Lastly, the module will enable you to reflect upon your own assumptions about patients’ medicine use.
  • How to apply and explore the patient perspective
    • In this module, you will be presented with examples of how the patient perspective has been implemented into health policy and healthcare practice. You will get acquainted with different aspects of the qualitative interview – a method you can use to explore the patient perspective in depth. Lastly, you will reflect on how to use this knowledge in your professional setting. Please note! This week you must hand in a graded assignment and review three assignments from fellow students.