Understanding Obesity

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  • Week 1: What we know, and how we know it.
    • This week we'll discuss what we know about diet, appetite and obesity. But, and perhaps more importantly, we'll point out the gaps in our knowledge.
  • Physiology and Stress
    • This week we discuss some aspects of the physiology of obesity and learn how so-called "food addiction", stress and early-life experience can affect our eating choices.

      Included is an optional assignment where you can explore barriers to healthy eating. This assignment is not graded but does use the same interface as the Week 4 assessment. As such, you may find it useful to use it as practice for the "real thing".
  • Psychology and Behaviour
    • This week we discuss some aspects of the psychology of appetite control and learn how portion sizes and food insecurity might affect our behaviours.
  • Consolidation and Discussion
    • This week online material will be posted ad hoc as we consolidate and discuss what we've already learned. This week's main tasks are a quiz on the scientific method and the peer-reviewed assignment. Please note you can attempt the Week 4 quiz only once.