Understanding Europe: Why It Matters and What It Can Offer You

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  • Why the European Union?
    • Setting the scene. An overview of the EU’s impact on your daily life, taking a critical perspective on the EU’s purpose but also highlighting the opportunities it offers.
  • Who is the European Union?
    • Putting a face on the EU. Who is it? Who are its main actors? By whom is it composed?­ You will identify who decides in Europe and learn how to interact with its main actors.
  • What the EU can do?
    • Analyzing the EU’s powers. What can it do? How far can it go? In which policies is it involved? The EU’s major fields of intervention. What does the EU do for trade, agriculture and innovation?
  • How does the EU work?
    • The EU’s means of action. How does it work? Who does what? What are the strengths and weaknesses?
  • What can the EU do for you?
    • From freedom of movement to funding opportunities, immigration policies, establishment, level playing field through competition law, getting you a job.
  • What can you do for Europe?
    • The initiatives and instruments fostering civic engagement in the EU (public consultations, ECIs, Ombudsman, etc). In other words, the toolbox of the empowered citizen.
  • A Job for All (Optional)
    • This optional module includes interviews with people who work closely within the EU
  • Clinic Section (Optional)
    • This is the EU Clinic section.