U.S. Federal Taxation Capstone

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  • Module 1: Capstone Overview & Income, Deductions & Donuts
    • In this module, you will become familiar with the course, your instructor and your classmates, and our learning environment. This orientation will also help you obtain the technical skills required to navigate and be successful in this course.
  • Module 2 Changes in Tax Law
    • In this module, you will learn about the major tax legislation, commonly referred to as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was passed by Congress and was signed by the President at the end of 2017. You will also reflect on and analyze how these rule changes will affect the tax situation of the family in our course project.
  • Module 3 Bake to the Future
    • In this module, you will consider the future business needs of our project’s taxpayers. Specifically, you should be able to discuss the costs and benefits associated with various choice of entity options.