Typography Fundamentals: How To Choose The Best Fonts

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  • Typography Fundamentals How To Choose The Best Fonts
  • 1How To Choose The Best Fonts
  • 2What Is Typography
  • 3Whats The Difference Between A Typeface And A Font
  • 4What Are The Most Important Typefaces
  • 5What Are The Most Important Variants Of Typefaces
  • 6Shape Method Game
  • 7Why You Should Look For The Source
  • 8 5 Great Tools To Identify A Font
  • 9How To Identify A Font Yourself
  • 10Typeterms game final2
  • 11Why Fonts Are Like Clothes
  • 12Typefaces Have Their Own Places
  • 13Are There Fonts That Match Everything
  • 14BONUS Where To Find Good Fonts
  • Let's Sum Up What We've Learnt