Turn Your Thumb Green: Expert Concepts Behind Successful Plant Growing

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  • Trailer
  • Welcome to "Turn Your Thumb Green!: Expert Concepts Behind Successful Plant Growing
  • Place!
  • Assignment 1: Oh the Places you'll Grow!
  • Pot!
  • Assignment 2: Looking for the Pot of gold
  • It's Soil! Don't call it Dirt!
  • Assignment 3: Soil...It's Alive!
  • What are you going to Grow?
  • What to look for in a plant to Repot/Transplant
  • Plant the right Seeds.
  • Repotting or Transplanting Assignment
  • Repotting a root-bound "Mother-in-law's Tongue"
  • Repotting a young Rosemary shrub
  • Planting Thai Chili seeds
  • Big Seed vs. Little Seed and Planting Dill
  • Putting a leaf cutting propagation into soil from water
  • Congratulations!!! Now Go Forth and Grow a Better World!!! (and post pictures of it all)