Turn Ethical Frameworks into Actionable Steps

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  • Apply Frameworks to Your Ethical Responsibilities for Data-Driven Technologies
    • The first module in this course will describe some key ethical frameworks in the field of data-driven technology. In addition, the module will cover some important ethical principles that go into these frameworks. These principles will also come up again later courses in this specialization.
  • Apply an Ethical Frameork to Navigate an Ethically Challenging Dilemma
    • In this module, you'll approach some interesting ethical dilemmas that might occur in the development or operation of data-driven technologies like AI. Some of these dilemmas are more philosophical in nature, whereas others are closer to real-world practice.
  • Follow Regulations and Standards That Have an Impact on Business Strategy
    • This module will cover some of the major laws, regulations, and standards that have an impact on the ethical operations of a data-driven organization. It will also discuss how these rules may apply to certain industries or hold relevance in specific business domains.
  • Reconcile Conflicts Between Ethics, Regulations, Societal Needs, and Business Demands
    • In this module, you'll be given several scenarios and conflicting ideas that raise significant ethical concerns within the organization. The module will explore these conflicts in some detail and provide some recommendations for reconciling them.
  • Apply What You've Learned
    • In this final module, you'll work on one or more projects in which you'll apply your knowledge of the material in this course to practical scenarios.