Transport phenomena

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This is a fundamental subject for all Chemical Engineering students and is also important in disciplines as diverse as Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology. Over the last few decades, the subject has revolutionized the way engineering science is taught. This course deals with the unified treatment of the different transport processes, ubiquitous in industry as well as in nature. Momentum, heat and mass transfer are taught together due to the underlying similarities of the mathematics and molecular mechanisms describing such processes. The students will be made aware of the core scientific connections and will be encouraged to solve problems based on relevant analogies.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : Chemical,Mechanical,Biotechnology, NanotechnologyPRE-REQUISITES : Undergraduate level courses in Fluid Mechanics, Heat TransferINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Most of the process industries recognize this as a fundamental course dealing with the unified treatment of seemingly different transport operations. The concepts will enhance the lateral thinking capabilities of the students and seamlessly integrate the concepts for their use in a multitude of processes and problems. This aspect will also be of value to the upcoming technology driven companies involved in micro-device fabrication, sensors, and in the general microfluidics domain.