Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems

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This course aims to fill the need for a comprehensive introduction to the analysis of biological systems in the continuum regime, in the context of transport (forces and fluxes). It aims to provide the student with the required skills to think-out-of-the-box in novelty requiring situations at one end, to a full appreciation of the relevant principles and their interconnections, at the other end. All the needed mathematical steps will be completely worked out to minimize the enormous time the students normally spend to understand the mathematical steps.
INTENDED AUDIENCE :Any biological engineering/biological sciences student or practitioner.
PREREQUISITES :Undergraduate engineering mathematics
INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Biotechnology and other industries



Week 1: Introduction; Mass conservation principleWeek 2: Mass fluxWeek 3: Mass flux contd.; ReviewWeek 4: Momentum fluxWeek 5: Momentum flux contd.Week 6: Momentum flux contd.Week 7: Momentum flux contd.; Review; Energy (heat) fluxWeek 8: Energy (heat) flux contd; ReviewWeek 9: Charge flux; ReviewWeek 10:Fluxes under simultaneous, multiple driving forcesWeek 11:Fluxes under simultaneous, multiple driving forces contd.Week 12:Fluxes under simultaneous, multiple driving forces contd.; Review