Transmedia Writing

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  • Develop Your Transmedia Concept
    • In Module 1 you will create your Transmedia Intellectual Property (your IP), you will write a logline (a single sentence that describes the essence of your IP) and define the Dramatic Question of your IP
  • Write The First Chapter Of Your Novel
    • In Module 2 you will begin your novel. You will design a Profile of your Main Characters, create an outline for your First Chapter, you will learn about point of view and syntax for writing a novel and you will write the First Chapter of your Novel.
  • Write Chapter Two Of Your Novel
    • In Module 3 you will outline the second chapter of your novel and you will write Chapter Two
  • Adapt Chapter One To The Opening Scenes Of Your Screenplay
    • In Module 4 you will begin your screenplay. You will write an outline of your adaptation of Chapter One of your novel into the opening scenes of your screenplay, you will learn about screenplay format and film grammar, you will become familiar with free screenplay software and you will write the opening scenes of your screenplay.
  • Adapt Chapter Two Into Screenplay Format
    • In Module 5 you will write a detailed outline of your screenplay adaptation of Chapter Two of your novel, then you will write the scenes for the screenplay version of Chapter Two.
  • Transform Your IP Into a Concept for a Game Design
    • In Module 6 you will create a Design Document to pitch your video game concept. You will learn about various types of video games with a focus on narrative games, write a description of the game version of your IP and you will create a full pitch document for your video game.