Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry: Principles to Applications

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Week 1 :Lecture 1: History of Organometallic Compounds,Lecture 2: Polarity and Reactivity of M−C bondLecture 3: Reactivity of Organometallic CompoundsLecture 4: Reactivity of Organometallic Compounds (contd...)Lecture 5: 18 Valence Electron Rule and Classification
Week 2 :Lecture 6: 18 Valence Electron Rule and ClassificationLecture 7: Reactivity and types of Organometallic compoundsLecture 8: sigma- Donor ligandsLecture 9: Preparation of sigma- alkyl compoundsLecture 10: Preparation and Properties of sigma- alkyl compounds
Week 3 :Lecture 11: Properties of sigma- alkyl compoundsLecture 12: β−elimination in sigma- alkyl compoundsLecture 13: β−elimination in detailLecture 14: TM sigma- alkyl complexes and its applicationLecture 15: TM sigma- alkyl complexes and its application (contd...)
Week 4 :Lecture 16: C−H activationLecture 17: C−H activation in detailsLecture 18: C−H activation in details (contd...)Lecture 19: Characterization of C−H activationLecture 20: Bonding in C−H activation
Week 5 :Lecture 21: C−C Bond activationLecture 22: C−C Bond activation (contd...)Lecture 23: C−C Bond activation in DetailsLecture 24: Transition Metal Perfluoroalkyl (RF−TM) ComplexesLecture 25: Preparation of Transition Metal Perfluoroalkyl (RF−TM) Complexes
Week 6 :Lecture 26: C−F ActivationLecture 27: Transition Metal Alkenyl/Aryl ComplexesLecture 28: Transition Metal Aryl ComplexesLecture 29: Transition Metal Aryl/Alkyne ComplexesLecture 30: Transition Metal Alkyne/Carbene Complexes
Week 7 :Lecture 31: Transition Metal Carbene Complexes: PreparationsLecture 32: Transition Metal Carbene Complexes: PropertiesLecture 33: Transition Metal Carbene Complexes: ReactivitiesLecture 34: Transition Metal Carbene Complexes: Reactivities (contd...)Lecture 35: Transition Metal Carbene Complexes: Reactivities (contd...)
Week 8 :Lecture 36: Transition Metal Carbene Complexes: Reactivities (contd...)Lecture 37: Reactivity of Schrock type Carbene Complexes and Transition Metal CarbynesLecture 38: Transition Metal Carbynes: PreparationLecture 39: Transition Metal Carbynes: PropertiesLecture 40: Transition Metal Carbynes: Properties (contd...)
Week 9 :Lecture 41: Properties of Transition Metal Carbynes And Transition Metal CarbonylsLecture 42: Transition Metal CarbonylsLecture 43: Transition Metal Carbonyls (contd...)Lecture 44: Transition Metal Carbonyls: Bonding propertiesLecture 45: Transition Metal Carbonyls: Bonding properties (contd...)
Week 10 :Lecture 46: Transition Metal Carbonyls: ReactivitiesLecture 47: Transition Metal Carbonyls: Reactivity and Carbonyl MetallatesLecture 48: Transition Metal Carbonyl HydridesLecture 49: Application of Carbonyl Metallates and Metal HalidesLecture 50: Application of Metal Halides and Metal Alkenes
Week 11 :Lecture 51: Transition Metal Olefin ComplexesLecture 52: Transition Metal Olefin Complexes (contd...)Lecture 53: Transition Metal Olefin Complexes: ReactivityLecture 54: Bonding Properties in Olefin ComplexesLecture 55: Transition Metal Diolefin Complexes
Week 12 :Lecture 56: Transition Metal Diolefin and Alkyne ComplexesLecture 57: Transition Metal Alkyne ComplexesLecture 58: Transition Metal Alkyne Complexes: ReactivityLecture 59: Transition Metal Alkyne Complexes: Reactivity (contd...)Lecture 60: Summary: Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry: Principles to Applications