Transgender Healthcare: Caring for Trans Patients

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Explore how to effectively care for trans people

This course will help you gain a deeper understanding of trans people and the common challenges they face when accessing healthcare. You’ll learn more about the trans community overall, including terminology and trans rights in the UK.

Understanding transgender discrimination in healthcare

Trans people face discrimination in our National Healthcare System (NHS), a problem that can be partially attributed to the fact that there isn’t specific transgender healthcare training for healthcare professionals or healthcare students.

Healthcare professionals are often not aware of how best to approach and work with trans patients, which results in trans people receiving a lower standard of care.

Diving into this transgender healthcare training course

Alongside experts at St George’s, University of London, you’ll enhance your skills in different areas.

Initially, you’ll be exposed to common terms used by the trans community, exploring the process of transition from a social and legal perspective and analysing transgender healthcare in the UK.

You’ll learn more about specific issues in transgender healthcare and the various areas of gender-affirming healthcare.

At the final stages of the course, you’ll focus on consolidating your learning from the first three weeks to develop effective and sensitive ways to communicate with trans people using affirming and inclusive language. As well as identifying ways to make the organisations you work and study in more trans-inclusive.

This course is designed for all healthcare students, as well as current NHS doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals within the UK. Non-UK based learners are welcome to join the course but should be aware, that this course reflects the UK healthcare context. Learners practicing outside of the UK are therefore strongly encouraged to source local policies and guidance.