Transforming Urban Mobility: Governing the Transformation to Sustainable Systems

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Equip yourself with urban mobility solutions for creating sustainable cities.

Sustainable mobility is a key goal for city planners, as cities increasingly grapple with a growing population and climate change issues.

On this urban mobility management course, you’ll learn how to deliver a sustainable urban mobility plan and strategy (SUMPS) that’s financially sound, aligned with the overall strategy and legacy of a city, and that takes into account the interests of all city stakeholders.

Explore urban mobility planning in creating sustainable cities

You’ll look at sustainable urban mobility planning in the wider context of a city’s overall needs. In doing so, you’ll consider how a SUMPS should harmonise with future plans for the city.

Taking a holistic approach to sustainability planning, you’ll consider how SUMPS must align with a city’s competitive ambitions of being attractive for industry, investments, commerce, and tourism.

Understand the importance of all stakeholders in sustainable transport planning

You’ll learn the best practice methods and tools for working with the varying interests and logics of many different stakeholders.

Demystify the difficulties of dealing with various initiatives and trends whilst planning an urban transformation strategy.

Understand how to govern a city’s sustainable urban development

Develop your understanding of why SUMPS are important for increasing a city’s attractiveness, competitiveness and sustainability.

By the end of the course, you’ll be familiar with the importance of sustainable mobility planning, not as a siloed project, but as an integrated, strategic approach to the overall development of a city.

This course is best-suited to senior officials in cities with 500,000+ inhabitants, as well as senior managers of stakeholders operating within the urban mobility sector.