Transforming Urban Mobility: Components of Transport Planning for Sustainable Cities

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Discover how urban transport can be made more sustainable

Good transport systems and projects are critical to the development of sustainable cities.

On this course, you’ll consider the Avoid-Shift-Improve (ASI) framework – particularly the ‘Shift’ and ‘Improve’ dimensions – as key components of a sustainable urban mobility strategy.

Learn why sustainable cities are important

As cities grow, transport and city planners have to identify how to reduce emissions in an urban landscape still dominated by cars.

Creating transport systems that encourage sustainable travel behaviours is crucial. You’ll learn how to improve public transport, walking and cycling and how to improve the environmental impact of vehicles.

Explore the future of urban mobility

You’ll examine some of the key components of sustainable urban mobility, including the instruments of traffic demand management and the different types of public transport, including metro, tramway, bus rapid transit, cable car, and other means of travel.

Understand traffic management and streetscape design

You’ll consider the role of active mobility and streetscape design and the potential of vehicle technologies to improve environmental performance.

Finally, you’ll come away able to identify how effective decision-making and participatory processes help us to develop innovative transport strategies.

This course is intended for transport and city planning practitioners in the Global South, including in Africa, South America, and Asia. This includes academics, researchers, students, and those working in national and city authorities, consultancies, and civil society.

It will have wider interest for other interested stakeholders and members of the public, including for those in the Global North. Indeed, it will be of interest for anyone who is keen to understand how sustainable urban mobility can support the planning of great cities.

This course follows on from Transforming Urban Mobility: Introduction to Transport Planning for Sustainable Cities. We recommend you complete that course before this one.