Training and Learning Online

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  • Week 1: Being an effective online learner
    • In this first week, you will develop the skills you need to learn online successfully. You will explore techniques and strategies for reading, note-taking and reflecting that will help you get the most from learning online. You will consider the importance of reflection and examine how you can do this effectively to consolidate your learning.
  • Week 2: Communicating and collaborating online
    • In the second week, you will explore the benefits of working online and how to get the most from your online communications. You will also look at different ways of working with people online, and develop strategies for meaningful and productive online collaboration.
  • Week 3: Researching online
    • In this final week, you will develop your online research skills by exploring how to investigate a topic and effectively use search engines. You will also consider what it means to be a critical thinker and how this can help you succeed at work.