Train the Trainer: Training Evaluation Certificate

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Measure the success of training evaluation with this informative course

It’s even more important for learning professionals to demonstrate the value that their course or training department brings to an organisation due to the financial impact caused by COVID-19.

This informative training evaluation course will provide all the skills and tools you need to successfully measure the success and value of training programmes and initiatives.

Discover how to assess learners using training evaluation methods

You’ll cover various tools and models, such as knowledge acquisition and behavioural application, in order to evaluate staff training and assess learners.

You’ll also list various key performance indicators (KPIs) suitable for the monitoring of training department performance.

Define return on investment (ROI) and return on expectations (ROE) for training programmes

You’ll then cover the concepts of return on investment – the ratio between net profit and cost of investment – and return on expectations – a measure of how successfully a training programme meets its objectives.

Understand Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model

You’ll also recognise the key principles of Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model, the best known model for analysing and evaluating the results of training and educational programs.

Learn from the experts at ATC Training

You’ll get to grips with this 12 CDP Accredited course content from Andrew Cumiskey; an experienced trainer and manager in operational training and learning and development.

ATC Training also offer two other CPD accredited Train the Trainer courses (the certificate in training design and training delivery) covering all aspects of the teaching cycle. Complete all three to expand your understanding of the full cycle, or select one of the other courses to fill any knowledge gaps or add additional skills to your toolkit.

This course is suitable for trainers and learning and development practitioners and managers who are wanting to evaluate the value that their department brings to a business.

You only need your laptop or device with internet access to take part in this course.