Train the Trainer: Design Genomics and Bioinformatics Training

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Explore techniques for genomics training.

Genomics and bioinformatics is a growing area of research with important practical implications for sectors as diverse as healthcare, food production, and environmental research.

On this course, you’ll learn how to train students, peers, professionals, and future experts in genomic techniques, and come away able to plan and design engaging lessons for adult learners.

Explore adult learning theory and principles

Alongside expert genomics educators, you’ll discuss adult learning theory, and discover how an active, learner-centred approach can guide good course design.

You’ll be equipped with general good practice teaching techniques, as well as the educational methods commonly used to teach laboratory workflows and bioinformatics in genomics.

Build and develop your training skills

The course will show you how to create learning experiences from subject content, and the importance of communication, group work, and facilitation in teaching and training.

You’ll identify common educational methods used to teach, and assess the bioinformatics and laboratory methods required for genomics.

Learn practical genomics training skills

The course will culminate in you making a peer-reviewed project, where you’ll design your own genomics training plan, and reflect on how you can receive feedback and improve as a trainer.

You’ll come away able to confidently plan and design courses on how to generate and analyse genomic data.

This course is for people who want to train students, peers, professionals, and future experts in genomics techniques. It will focus on practical skills for teaching adults as well as educational theory.

Learners are assumed to have knowledge of laboratory or bioinformatics techniques relevant to genomics. No prior knowledge of teaching, training or educational theory is assumed. There are no formal prerequisites.