Towards an Ethical Digital Society: From Theory to Practice

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‘Towards an ethical digital society: from theory to practice’ presents a brief theoretical and practical toolkit for addressing some of the above questions in the context of technology design and implementation. We examine three kinds of technologies through a multidimensional lens of ethics: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Data and Digital Infrastructures. We look at these technologies as complex sociotechnical assemblages consisting of diverse actors, institutions and domains of practices and point out how different ethical considerations are relevant for each of these sociotechnical assemblages. The objective of the course is to lay out a framework that helps the participants ask pertinent ethical questions that would inform the design and implementations of such technologies.
PREREQUISITES : Anybody with a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
INDUSTRIES SUPPORT:Companies/organizations engaged in designing digital products for diverse social groups
Companies/organizations interested in leveraging digital technologies to complement their existing delivery channels