Tourism Planning and Sustainable Development

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Week 1Introductory VideoM01- Levels, type and process of planning
Week 2M02- Conceptualization, Background Analysis, In-depth Research and Analysis PhaseM03- Tourism project feasibility study
Week 3M04- Synthesis phase and preparation of statements in Destination planningM05-Policy making bodies in IndiaM06-Involvement of Local community in tourism Development
Week 4M07-An outline of L K Jha Committee, 1963M08-National Tourism Policy, 1982M09-Destination Development and its components
Week 5M10- National action Plan on Tourism, 1992M11- The latest policy document on tourismM12- Tourism Planning at International, National and State Level
Week 6M13- Tourism and Five year plans in IndiaM14- Objective Setting, Goal setting, Strategy setting and Plan writingM15- Techniques of Plan Formulation
Week 7M16- Planning for tourism DestinationsM17- Tourism planning, significance, Constraints, Grey areas and ScopeM18- Destination Life Cycle Concept
Week 8M19- Sources of Funding, Incentives & Concessions extended for tourism ProjectsM20- Economics of TourismM21- Positive and negative impacts of tourism (environmental, economic, socio-cultural).
Week 9M22- Concept of mass tourismM23- Emergence of alternative tourism, conventional versus alternative tourismM24- Mass vis-à-vis selective tourism.
Week 10M25- Synergism between tourism promotion & nature conservationM26- Environment and tourism – areas of conflict, symbiosis and synergyM27- Tourism in various bio-geographic realms and specific situation of environmental concern.
Week 11M28- United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) Agenda 21M29- Sustainable Development: Historical BackgroundM30- The Nature and Scope of Sustainable Tourism
Week 12M31- Towards a New Approach to Sustainable Tourism ManagementM32- Global Warming and Sustainable DevelopmentM33- Environmental Dimension
Week 13M34- Economic DimensionM35- Social DimensionM36- Sustainable Tourism Development-Guiding Principles for Planning and Management
Week 14M37- Empowering Community through tourismM38- Community based tourismM39- Ecotourism
Week 15M40- Future of Sustainable Tourism
(M= Module)