Tools in Scientific Computing

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Rapid advancements in computer hardware and high quality software libraries have enabled one to undertake works requiring high precision scientific computing with relative ease. The course involves exploration of various tools available for scientific computing with an emphasis on hands-on implementation. The course will deal briefly with the theory and the associated implementation for practical problems that an engineer may encounter. Undergraduates, postgraduates, and PhD students may find this course immensely useful for their project or research work. The course will make use of Python, GNU Octave, and PETSC (C based) as the medium of coding.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Undergraduate and postgraduate students PREREQUISITES: 1 st year undergraduate mathematics, Partial Differential equations INDUSTRY SUPPORT:This is expected to be a basic course which would enable the student to undertake research and development with the help of freely available scientific tools. It is difficult to pinpoint which industry would find value in this course.