Tissue engineering

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The course will introduce principles and applications of tissue engineering. The course will provide an understanding of the applications of engineering and life science principles in the field of tissue engineering. As an up and coming interdisciplinary domain of research, the course will be designed based on current literature.

INTENDED AUDIENCE :Masters/Doctoral students and faculty interested in teaching Tissue EngineeringPREREQUISITES :Understanding of basic cell biology would be helpful
INDUSTRY SUPPORT :Companies that are involved in regenerative medicine and related technologies



Week 1: Introduction to tissue engineeringWeek 2: Biomaterials: natural materials, polymersWeek 3: Biomaterials: hydrogels, ceramics, scaffold fabricationWeek 4: Immune response to biomaterialsWeek 5: Cells: source, culture, and tissue dynamicsWeek 6: Cells: differentiation, adhesion, and migrationWeek 7: Cells and signalsWeek 8: Applications