Tinkering Fundamentals: Circuits

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  • Introduction to Tinkering
    • What is tinkering? What does it mean to you? Is it different from engineering or other forms of making? We'll explore these questions in the readings and forums while getting a sneak preview of the activities we'll be sharing over the following modules.
  • Initial Explorations
    • Tinkering is all about making, so let's get started. In this module we begin with a basic circuit board activity, which helps learners make physical and conceptual connections between electrical components. You will learn how to build your own set to play with and why we designed it this way.
  • Learning Dimensions
    • In this module, we'll explore erratic motion and art-making with an activity called Scribbling Machines. We'll also investigate how tinkering maps on to different indicators of learning.
  • Tinkering Tenets and Personal Expression
    • We'll explore the aesthetic dimensions of tinkering with a full rundown of our Paper Circuits and Sewn Circuits activities, including key design elements and important principles.
  • Coding, Computation and Facilitation Strategies
    • A look at the high-tech side of tinkering. In this module, we'll also explore strategies for facilitation and deep engagement.
  • Putting It All Together
    • It's your turn! How will you take what you've learned in this class and apply it to your own life and practice? We'll help you come up with a detailed action plan and get feedback from other students in the class. By the end of this module you'll complete your project, your peer assessments and review other people's work.