Time dependent Quantum chemistry

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Week 1:Introduction and the Time-Dependent Schrödinger Equation (Pure and Superposition States)Week 2:Introduction to Quantum Dynamics with Classical Mechanical Flavor (HerrinFesta Theorem and Bohmian Mechanics)Week 3:General Principles of Time-Dependent Quantum Chemistry (Time Evolution Operator, Heisenberg and Interaction pictures)Week 4:Time-Dependent Quantum Mechanics of Translational Motion and Wave packet Dynamics for free particle, linear potential and harmonic potentialWeek 5:Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory: Light-Matter Interaction with Scalar and Vector PotentialWeek 6:Time Dependent Perspective of Quantum Theory of Scattering and Chemical ReactionsWeek 7:Numerical Methods in Time Dependent Quantum Chemistry (Numerical Solution to TDSE)Week 8:Reaction Rate Processes: Transition State Theory and BeyondWeek 9:Time Correlation Function and Density Matrix FormalismWeek 10:Nonadiabatic Dynamics (Landau-Zener Dynamics, Conical Intersections, AIMS Dynamics)Week 11:AIMS Dynamics Week 12:Quantum Dynamical Processes in Chemistry