Thermodynamics & its Application

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Thermodynamics is the science of the relationship between heat, work and the properties of substances. Heat and work are intimately connected through energy, and hence Thermodynamics is defined as the study of energy. Energy is essential and vital component of our life, hence knowledge of Thermodynamics is essential for all of us. In addition, engineers and those aspiring to be engineers, need to master the fundamental as well as applications of Thermodynamics, in order to be able to effectively practice the engineering profession. The Laws of Thermodynamics represent the summary and essence of our experience with nature. While the Zeroth Law provides the basis of measurement of Temperature, the First and Second Laws serve to define the two properties, Energy and Entropy, and deal with the conservation and degradation of energy.


COURSE LAYOUT In this course the following topics will be covered in twelve weeks;   Week 1: Energy and energy transfer Week 2: Properties of common substances Week 3: First Law of Thermodynamics Week 4: Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics Week 5: Thermodynamic cycle and Common energy systems Week 6: Analysis using of Second Law of Thermodynamics Week 7 and 8: Vapour Power Cycle Week 9 and 10: Gas power cycle, and Week 11 & 12: Refrigeration cycle