Thermodynamics for Biological Systems : Classical and Statistical Aspect

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Week 1: Review of concepts; Additional useful thermodynamic functionsWeek 2: Additional useful thermodynamic functions (contd)Week 3: Thermodynamic properties of pure fluidsWeek 4: Thermodynamic properties of pure fluids (contd)Week 5: Thermodynamics of solutionsWeek 6: Thermodynamics of solutions (contd); Phase equilibriaWeek 7: Phase equilibria (contd); Reaction equilibriaWeek 8: Reaction equilibria (contd); ReviewWeek 9: Statistical Thermodynamics: Definition and ApplicationWeek 10: Macrostates, Microstates, Partition function, Boltzmann Distribution LawWeek 11: Partition function and thermodynamic propertiesWeek 12: Ensemble and time average; Review