Thermo-Mechanical And Thermo-Chemical Processes

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Week 1:Introduction, Hot deformation processes I, Hot deformation processes II, Flow curves as a function of strain rate and temperature, Stress, strain, strain rate sensitivity.
Week 2:Microstructural evolution, Recovery, Recrystallization, Dynamic recrystallization, discontinuous dynamic recrystallization (DDRX), continuous dynamic recrystallization (CDRX), geometric dynamic recrystallization (GDRX).
Week 3:Texture, Deformation texture (BCC), Deformation texture (FCC), Recrystallization texture (BCC), Recrystallization texture (FCC).
Week 4:Constitutive analysis, Low strain rate , Medium strain rate, High strain rate, case study
Week 5:Deformation maps, Processing maps, Different models, Interpretation, Processing maps microstructure correlation, case study.
Week 6:SPD based thermo-mechanical processes, Friction stir Processing, Equal Channel Angular Processing, High pressure torsion, case study.
Week 7:Introduction to Thermo-chemical surface treatments, Thermodynamics of gas/solid interaction.
Week 8:Phase transformations and consequent surface property enhancement during nitriding of iron based alloys.