Thermal Operations in Food Process Engineering: Theory and Applications

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This course will cover basics of processing and preservation technologies required in any processing industries. The basic knowledge onthermal processing is intermingled with most of the unit operations at some or other stage of processing. Since, these basic aspects of thermal operationsis not taught in most of the engineering institutions elaborately, a comprehension of these aspects of thermal processing will enrich the knowledge base of the students in general.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Any Engineering Students/ FacultyPREREQUISITES : NillINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Any Processing Industry such as ITC, Hindustan Lever, Britannia etc



Week 1: Fundamentals of food processing and preservationWeek 2: One dimensional conduction heat transfer in Cartesian coordinate
Week 3: One dimensional conduction heat transfer in cylindrical coordinate
Week 4: Transient heat transfer by conduction
Week 5: Drying technology
Week 6: Preservation by high temperature processing
Week 7: Multiple effect evaporators
Week 8: Process time calculations
Week 9: Boiling and condensation
Week 10: Heat Exchangers
Week 11: Convective heat transfer
Week 12: Distillation used in food process industries