Theory of Production Processes

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Week 1:Theory of casting and solidification, Fluidity of liquid metals.Week 2:Technology of patternmaking and mouldmaking, Pattern allowances, Testing of molding sand, cores.Week 3:Gating system design, Risering Design, different methods of calculating riser volume, Feeding distance calculations.Week 4:Theory of melting and production of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, Casting design, Casting defects.Week 5:Mechanical fundamentals of metalworking: Concept of stress and strain, stress and strain tensors, Hydrostatic and deviatoric stresses, Flow curve.Week 6:Yield criteria for ductile materials, plastic stress strain relationships, classification of metalworking, mechanics of metalworking.Week 7:Analysis and classification of rolling and forging processes, Force calculations in rolling and forging processes.Week 8:Analysis and classification of Extrusion process, Analysis of wire, rod and tube drawing processes, Forming defects.Week 9:Classification of welding processes, Thermal effects in welding, Basic metallurgy of fusion welds, Heat affected zone in welding.Week 10: Principles of welding processes: Arc welding, Gas metal arc welding, Solid state welding, Resistance welding, Soldering, Brazing and adhesive bonding.Week 11:Residual stresses in welding, Methods of measurement of residual stresses in welding, Welding distortion and its types, Methods of reducing residual stresses and distortion in welding.Week 12:Weldability of materials: Introduction and assessment of weldability, Test for weldability, Weldability of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.