Theoretical Mechanics

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Week 1: Motion and Constraints, Generalized Coordinates, D’Alembert’s Principle of Virtual Work.Week 2: Variational Calculus, Hamilton’s Principle, Lagrangian Formulation.Week 3: Applications of Lagrangian Mechanics, Phase Space.Week 4:Central Forces, Orbits, Kepler Motion. Week 5: Central Forces, Scattering.Week 6: Rigid Body Kinematics, Euler Angles, Rotating Frames.Week 7:Rigid Body Dynamics, Euler Equations. Week 8: Small Oscillations.
Week 9: Phase Space, Hamilton’s Equations of Motion.
Week 10:Cannonical Transformations, Cannonical invariants, Symplectic Approach to CT.
Week 11:Poisson Bracket Formulation, Symmetry groups of Mechanical Systems, Liouville’s Theorem.
Week 12:Hamilton Jacobi Theory, Hamilton’s Principal Fucntion, Action-Angle variables.