Theatre and Globalization

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  • Definitions, Methods, and Resources for Writing Global Theatre Histories
    • Introductions with definitions of "theatre" and "globalization"; conceptualizing 'global theatre histories'; overview of online resources for researching the history of theatre during the late 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Theatre on the move: Migration, Mobility and Modernization
    • How we can relate migration and mobility to the dissemination of theatre.
  • Global Players: Actors, Managers and Agents
    • Actors, Managers, and Theatrical Agents; with a focus on the people who organized the global migration of theatre.
  • Global Hubs and Local Theatres
    • Theatre Buildings as 'Cultural Hubs' and 'Contact Zones'; methodologies and concepts for approaching theatres as places where different people, languages, and cultures met and interacted.
  • East versus West: Cold War Rivaleries
    • Theatre and the Cold War; theatre as a site of the rivalry between East and West.
  • Festivalization, Megamusical and Theatrical Global Media
    • Festivals, Megamusicals, and Livestreaming; how contemporary types of theatre reflect globalization and new technologies.