The Worldview of Thomas Berry: The Flourishing of the Earth Community

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  • Welcome to The Worldview of Thomas Berry: the Flourishing of the Earth Community
    • Learn what this course is about, who's teaching it, and other ways you can explore this topic. Meet and greet your peers as well!
  • Introduction - Thomas Berry as Cultural Historian
    • Mary Evelyn and John talk about their first encounters with Thomas Berry.
  • Thomas Berry’s Study of World Cultures and Religions
    • Thomas Berry was a scholar of Earth’s cultures; someone who inspired others to understand that the scientific story of the universe was a primary revelation, on the part with the world’s religions, and needing to be integrated with world’s cultures.
  • Influence of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
    • Learn how Pierre Teilhard de Chardin inspired Thomas Berry. Discover Special Relativity as a way of showing the omnipresence of the “within.”
  • “The New Story”
    • Thomas Berry’s Differentiation, Subjectivity, and Communion as the overall guidance the New Story provides for humanity.
  • Cosmology and Ecology
    • Thomas Berry's notion of the human as being derivative of the Earth Community: a primary governing principle for moving into the ecological era.
  • The Great Work and the Ecozoic Era
    • From a biological level, what is happening in our time is a recoding of Earth’s processes when natural selection is being overpowered by cultural selection, so that human decision has become geological in its reach. Thomas Berry summarized this by saying that the crucial task of our time is to reinvent the human species with the systems of Earth’s life by means of story and shared dream experience.