The Science Behind Anti-Doping

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  • Introduction to anti-doping
    • Welcome to the course
    • Who or what is WADA?
    • Who or what is UKAD?
    • Sample collection
    • Weekly wrap-up
  • Pre-analysis, screening methods, instruments and drug categories
    • Welcome to week 2
    • Quality control
    • Urine screening and testing process
    • The science behind screening and testing
    • Initial test results
    • Weekly wrap up
  • The science behind immunoassays test and how they are used in anti-doping laboratories
    • Welcome to week 3
    • Misuse of growth hormones
    • Blood doping
    • Athlete biological passport (ABP) and the athlete profile management unit (APMU)
    • Results and adverse analytical findings
    • Weekly wrap up
  • Catching the cheats: review of real life doping cases and the dark side of sport
    • Welcome to week 4
    • Case studies
    • Update on our athletes
    • Future directions and research
    • Course wrap-up