The Psychology of Thrill Seekers

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  • What Is Thrill Seeking and Sensation Seeking?
    • In this week, we'll examine the curious beginnings of sensation-seeking research, discuss the four components that make up sensation seeking, and discuss the profile of a high sensation seeker.
  • The Psychology and Neuroscience of Sensation Seeking
    • This week, we'll take a scientific approach to uncovering more about sensation seeking and focus on the fascinating biological processes and environment at play.
  • The Habits and Hobbies of High Sensation Seekers
    • In this week, we'll look at the hobbies and travel and food preferences of high sensation seekers and discuss why they are so unique compared to the average person. We'll begin our exploration with a focus on emotional regulation and what that means for a high sensation seeker.
  • How High Sensation Seeking Impacts Relationships
    • In this week, we get more personal and look at the challenges and rewards high sensation seekers face in regards to relationships and love.
  • Is High Sensation Seeking a Superpower or a Super Problem?
    • In this week, we consider how to perceive high sensation seeking and look at the overall benefits and issues as well as how to keep high sensation seeking in check.