The Pronunciation of American English Project

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  • Welcome
    • Welcome to the final course in The Pronunciation of American English specialization. In the next four weeks, you’ll have a chance to review and put to use all the things you’ve learned in the past three courses. Your final product will be a recorded reflection speech looking back at what you’ve learned, how your skills have improved, and what goals you want to set for yourself to continue to develop your pronunciation skills. To prepare you for this, you’ll complete several steps and assignments. You’ll take a post-test to see how your perception of the sounds of American English has improved, and you’ll practice review sentences with all the sounds of English. You’ll choose a recording of a skilled speaker on a topic that interests you, use it as a model to analyze the music of English, and share your analysis with other learners. Finally, you’ll record and upload your reflection about your own pronunciation “journey” and offer some advice to other learners based on your own experience.
  • Pronunciation Post-test & Journal
  • Producing the Sounds of American English
  • Analysis of a Skilled Speaker
  • Final Reflection