The Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work

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  • Introduction
    • The first week gives you a chance to do some preparatory reading which will give you a good general overview of the subject area before the teaching starts in week 2.
  • Interviews
    • This week we will be focusing on the role of the interview, how to conduct a good interview as well as looking at options to the interview and discussing whether it is the best method of selecting new members of staff.
  • Leadership and Decision making
    • This week we are looking at the role of the leader in the organization and how we can improve our to improve our decision making.
  • Performance Management
    • This week we are looking at how a well designed performance management system can help both the employee and the organization.
  • Pay as a motivator
    • This week we are looking at how important pay is as a motivator and the implications of this. Could it be that it may actually achieve the opposite?
  • Managing conflict at work
    • Is conflict always bad? This week we are looking at the causes of conflict and how to manage it for a positive outcome.