The Impact of Technology

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  • Welcome to The Impact of Technology
    • Welcome to the course! We start with a short introduction module where you will get a general introduction, a description of the overall process we will follow, a historical example and an assignment. You will after this module have a good general overview of the course and knowledge about what you will learn and what to expect.
  • Theory and models - practical use
    • Relevant theories will help us in estimating the impact of technology. In this module three key innovation theories are included and by the end a more broad perspective is introduced.
  • Technology delta and barriers
    • When estimating the potential impact of a technology, it is essential to understand the technology delta: How much better is the new technology and is this delta significant enough to overcome the barriers to implementation and realise its full potential?

      We will in this module look at both the technology delta and the barriers to implementation. Supporting this analysis, the Gartner hype cycle, megatrends and industry transformation are given special attention.
  • Foresight
    • Foresight in general, and backcasting in particular, is included in this module. After a general overview this module is built around one interactive sequential backcasting case.
  • Value networks
    • Technologies with a significant impact put existing value networks out of balance. New value networks are emerging around new technologies. This module covers value networks basics and let's you practice how to predict potential new value network roles and structures.
  • Business roles and ideas
    • Roles within value networks are further studied in this module. The role, its relationships and dependencies are analyzed. You will learn how to assess, chose and develop a, for you, interesting value network role.
  • Strategy
    • It's not enough to identify potential roles, we also need to know how to get from where we are today to a desired position. The impact of a technology depends on how it is implemented. This module gives you some basic insights regarding strategy and what to consider regarding its formulation and implementation.
  • Finale - The Impact of Technology
    • We have come to the end of the course. This video and the exam are the final elements included.