The History of Modern Israel – Part II: Challenges of Israel as a sovereign state

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  • Israeli Society: The First Years 1948-1967
    • In the first two decades of its existence the new state of Israel faced many challenges. Israelis at this period faced economic difficulties, insecure boarders, political challenges and social upheavals. Led by the Labor party, the new state absorbed huge numbers of Jewish immigrants who came primarily from Arab countries, as well as a significant number of Holocaust survivors. These projects and others required a collective effort and a spirit of commitment at the expense of individual needs and aspirations. Thus we can define Israeli society in those years as a mobilized society.
  • Israel, Between War and Peace 1967-1979
    • From the late Sixties until the late Seventies Israeli society experienced two major wars that had a huge impact on life in the country, as well as one peace agreement that altered the status of Israel in the area and reinvigorated hope for a better future.
  • Israel - A Society in transition 1977-1995
    • In this lesson we will discuss the essential developments that transformed Israeli society at the end of the twentieth century.
  • Changing Identity
    • This segment of the course attempts to explore the very elusive topic of Israel’s changing identity.
  • Israel in the 21th century
    • The last part of the course will explore current issues that characterize Israel today. The "Start Up Nation", Social inequality, the Political fragmentation & the difficulties of being situated in the unstable and non-democratic Muslim Middle East.