The Fundamentals of Revenue Management: The Cornerstone of Revenue Strategy

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  • Getting Started with Revenue Management
    • Welcome! In this first module, you will understand what revenue management is, why it’s important, simple steps to get started, how revenue management can increase profit through booking curve management and how effective yielding can improve a hotel’s profits. Moving forward, we’ll share best practices and better prepare you for today’s complex digital age.
  • Introduction to Segmentation
    • In this second module we will discuss segmentation 101, four things to consider while determining segmentation, as well as our best practices in regards to working with properties who need to go through a re-segmentation exercise, and presenting you with some key takeaways.
  • Introduction to Forecasting & Budgeting
    • In this third module, you will have an overview of forecasting and its basic terminology, explore forecasting goals, trends and tools, and understand how to link forecasting and budgeting together.
  • Introduction to Pricing
    • This last module should help tie together concepts from the previous three modules to give you a practical understanding of the fundamentals of revenue management. You will understand why pricing is important, the difference between common pricing strategies, and what are the 7 most common pricing mistakes. After that we will revisit the topic of Big Data, automated systems, and system connectivity as it and discuss best practices for pricing.