The Data Scientist’s Toolbox

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  • Data Science Fundamentals
    • In this module, we'll introduce and define data science and data itself. We'll also go over some of the resources that data scientists use to get help when they're stuck.
  • R and RStudio
    • In this module, we'll help you get up and running with both R and RStudio. Along the way, you'll learn some basics about both and why data scientists use them.
  • Version Control and GitHub
    • During this module, you'll learn about version control and why it's so important to data scientists. You'll also learn how to use Git and GitHub to manage version control in data science projects.
  • R Markdown, Scientific Thinking, and Big Data
    • During this final module, you'll learn to use R Markdown and get an introduction to three concepts that are incredibly important to every successful data scientist: asking good questions, experimental design, and big data.