The Character Design Course V1.31 (Updated 15 June, 2021)

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  • Promo Video Character Design Course
  • An introduction to using 3D shapes V2
  • Example 2 Converting shapes into 3D objects V2
  • Introduction to Exploring Ideas V2
  • Exploring Shapes Continued V2
  • Intro to Body Shapes V2
  • Body Shapes Project V2
  • Head Exploration and Challenge V2
  • Face Construction with Practice Sheet
  • Explore - Face Construction with Practice Sheet Part Two
  • Explore - Introduction to Drawing Solid Hairstyles Every Single Time
  • Explore - Beginners Guide to Expressions
  • Challenge - It's Challenge Time! Pull Everything You Learned into One Amazing Project!
  • Design - Introduction to Character Design
  • How to Create a Face Model Sheet V2
  • Learn the Skills to Design a Medieval Boy V2
  • Clothing Your Character Using Reference Material V2
  • Design - Clothing Your Character Using Reference Material
  • Movement - How to Use Squash and Stretch to add Fluidity to Your Character's Movements
  • Movement - How to Use Anticipation and Action to Breath Life into Your Characters
  • Movement - How to Use the Line of Action to Create Dynamic Poses
  • Movement - What is Exaggeration and How Can it Make Your Drawings POP!
  • Final Project - Create Your Own Character Model Sheet
  • BONUS #1 - Live Stream - Learn to Draw Corviknight