The Changing Arctic

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  • Welcome to the Сourse
    • This module represents the course content and its author as well as contains the additional materials to the course
  • What is the Arctic, where is it and why should we be interested in it?
    • This module will introduce the INTERACT basis of the course and brief description as well as give different definitions of the Arctic, characteristics of the Arctic, peoples of the Arctic, Ecosystem Services and global connections.
  • Changing landforms: the legacy of glaciers and permafrost
    • In this module we will talk about glacial erosion, moraines, ice dams and tsunamis.
  • Permafrost and its effects
    • In this module you will learn about permafrost characteristics, changes and effects on landscapes, hydrology and infrastructure.
  • Snow and ice
    • This module will introduce changing snow conditions, snow as an insulator, pollutants in snow, life in snow, melting ice, glacier dynamics and effects.
  • Land-atmosphere linkages
    • This module represents examples of biogeochemical and biogeophysical feedbacks to climate and what a feedback is. In this module we discuss carbon dioxide, methane, volatile organic compounds, albedo, energy exchange.
  • Life on cold lands
    • This module is dedicated to the arctic life zone, arctic plants and animals, population cycles, species interactions, the “greening” of the Arctic.
  • Life in cold waters
    • In this module we will talk about high latitude lakes as indicators of environmental change past and present, changes in lake ice; the importance of water colour; wet surfaces and microbes, water plants and animals.
  • The People of the Arctic
    • In this module you will learn about what changes in the Arctic mean do for the People of the Arctic and how they can work with scientists.
  • The global Community affected by the changing Arctic
    • This module is dedicated to challenges and opportunities of Arctic change; winners and losers; widening inequalities.
  • What can we do to understand the changes and their consequences?
    • In this module you will learn about INTERACT’s role in arctic collaboration, global and region initiatives, public involvement.