The Challenges of Global Health

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  • Getting Started
    • Start here!
  • Basic Concepts in Global Health
    • This module covers some of the most important basic concept that you need to know to understand global health. In particular we will focus on key terminology and the determinants underlying health and disease.
  • Understanding the Key Global Health Challenges
    • This module focuses on examining the causes and distribution of infectious disease, noncommunicable disease, injury/violence/disaster, and MCH (maternal and child health).
  • Actors & Action: Finding Global Health Solutions
    • This module explores the main global health actors, how they work, and what strategies they use to improve global health outcomes and to solve global health problems.
  • The Future of Global Health
    • This module examines the changes that we expect to occur in global health in the near future and what strategies will best help us to meet the challenges that lie ahead.