The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs

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  • Module 1 - Relationships in Our Lives
    • Introducing the course and the basic concepts of SSLD (Strategies & Skills Learning & Development).
  • Module 2 - Getting Started
    • SSLD conceptualization of relationship: Addressing participants’ needs as key condition of possibility. This module will discuss the social exchange theory, life-scripts, managing differences, and responsive assertiveness
  • Module 3 - Communication
    • This module covers topics on how to build and manage your relationships through effective communication skills such as listening, understanding, reception, and expression.
  • Module 4 - Building Relationships that Work for You
    • This module addresses relationship building based on communication, reception, and expression skills learned in Module 3. Additional topics on relationship problems will also be discussed.
  • Module 5 - Challenges, Endings, and Transformation
    • Introduction to the concept of Six Domains of Human Life and its application in different parts of a relationship. This module explores the transformation and termination of relationships and their challenges.
  • Module 6 - Relationships & Self
    • The final module covers various topics related to relationships, including love, sexuality, intimacy, and relationship problems.