Learn how to prepare, craft, and deliver a great speech with this unique course that explores the principles of public speaking by examining the greatest speeches from history.

Topics Covered:
  • 1: Overcome Obstacles-Demosthenes of Athens
  • 2: Practice Your Delivery-Patrick Henry
  • 3: Be Yourself-Elizabeth I to Her Army
  • 4: Find Your Humorous Voice-Will Rogers
  • 5: Make It a Story-Marie Curie on Discovery
  • 6: Use the Power of Three-Paul to His People
  • 7: Build a Logical Case-Susan B. Anthony
  • 8: Paint Pictures in Words-Tecumseh on Unity
  • 9: Focus on Your Audience-Gandhi on Trial
  • 10: Share a Vision-Martin Luther King's Dream
  • 11: Change Minds and Hearts-Mark Antony
  • 12: Call for Positive Action-Lincoln at Gettysburg