The American South: Its Stories, Music, and Art

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  • Introduction to the American South
    • Reflecting on geography, the diaspora, the mythic and the global South as ways to approach the contested memory of the region.
  • Oral Tradition
    • Considering the content and form of the stories, toasts, dozens, auctions and religious sermons and what they reveal about Southern Culture.
  • Southern Artists
    • Understanding the distinction between folk art traditions and the high art of the academy with examples of basket-weaving, quilt-making, sculpture, painting, and photography.
  • Southern Writers
    • Examining the lives and works of great Southern writers and looking at how specific stories, music, and art are referenced and provide structure for literary forms such as the novel and the short story.
  • Roots Music
    • Exploring Southern music and its roots in work chants, fife and drum, and one-strand on the wall music.
  • The Blues
    • Focusing on this distinctive form of music, so intimately defined by sense of place, class, race, and tradition.