The AI Ladder: A Framework for Deploying AI in your Enterprise

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  • Introduction to AI and the AI Ladder
    • This course is designed for business and technical leaders who are considering AI-based solutions for business challenges in their enterprises. First, this course will provide learners with a business-oriented summary of today's technologies and themes in AI. Following this summary, we will cover the concept of modernizing your information architecture (IA), summarized in the phrase, "...there is no AI without IA". Most people think implementing AI is all about using AI technologies, but the reality is quite different. While you may be able to build small AI projects just focusing on AI technologies, the projects that will have the most impact on your business will require you to leverage not just AI technologies but other technologies related to data: your information architecture. Next, learners will be introduced to the concept of the AI Ladder. The AI Ladder is a framework for understanding the work and processes that are necessary for the successful deployment of AI-based solutions in large enterprises. This course will cover each step of the AI Ladder, explaining the relevance of each step and the work involved at each step. After completing this course learners will be equipped with a powerful set of strategic tools to use in successfully developing, deploying, and maintaining AI-based business solutions.