The ABC of sustainability

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  • Definition, global context and international sustainability frameworks
    • This module introduces the definitions of sustainability within a global context of permanent change affecting the current and future generations. The international sustainability reference frameworks are also presented.
  • Actors of change, environment and climate change
    • Stakeholders are key to the sustainability of organizations. Throughout this module we’ll seek to understand the role of each of them and their expectations when it comes to creating economic, social and environmental value in the short, mid and long terms. We’ll also explore the concepts and definitions of the first sustainability pillar: “Environment”.
  • Inclusive economic growth, sustainability and sustainable finance
    • In this module we’ll learn some concepts related to the other two sustainability pillars: “Economic” and “Social”. The concept of inclusive and population growth within the framework of limited resources will be further explored. Human rights, gender equality and the relationship between the socio-economic SDGs and sustainable development will be covered in a cross-cutting manner.
  • Sustainability measurement and reporting
    • In this final module we’ll examine the tools available for measuring and reporting sustainability. We’ll also summarize the previous modules to pool some conclusions and a vision of the global sustainability trends for the forthcoming decades of the 21st century.