Textual Elements of Design: Fonts, Typography, and Spacing

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Graphic design is telling a story by using both images and text. With that definition in mind, this course will focus on the textual elements of graphic design. From the history of typography, the difference between type, fonts and text as well as exposure to typography spacing, students will learn the value of selecting the best kind of type and combinations of fonts to get their message across in a visually pleasing manner.


History of Typography
-This module will cover the history of typography, baseline basics and the anatomy of a typeface.

Typography, Fonts and Text
-This module will cover the two main types of fonts and font pairings and hierarchy.

Typography Spacing & Sizing
-This module will cover typographical spacing and sizing, as well as the concepts of alignment, leading, tracking and kerning.

Design Programs and User Experience
-This module will review using type in various computer design programs. You will also get a chance to practice your skills in designing a brochure or postcard, focusing on the use of type in your design.