Textile Finishing

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This course would cover the science and application of various finishing processes based on the need and chemistry of the fibres, namely, cellulose based, protein based and synthetics. Fundaments of the techniques and the chemistry finishing agents, mechanisms applicable to various finishing techniques. Some introduction to relevant machines and characterization of finished fabrics would also be covered.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Students of first year B.Sc (Physics / Mathematics ) and first year B.E courses.PREREQUISITES: Should have knowledge of fibres, preferably of preparatory processes and dyeing
INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Textile Industry, particularly chemical processing industry



Week 1: Introduction , general classification of finishes, mechanical finishing; sanforizationWeek 2: Wrinkle-resist finishing, need, general approach for obtaining finished productWeek 3: Cross-linking agents, catalysts needed, process and evaluationWeek 4: Stiffeners and softenersWeek 5: Waterproof, water repellent, waterproof breathable finishingWeek 6: Flame retardants and finishing thereofWeek 7: Antimicrobial finishing ; bio-polishingWeek 8: Soil repellency and soil release finishingWeek 9: Finishing of wool; milling, setting, shrink-resistant finishing, special finishing of silkWeek 10:Energy efficient technology; Low liquor application and foam finishingWeek 11:Finishing of synthetics; Heat setting , Antistatic and other special finishingWeek 12:Mangles, driers and Stenters