Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship

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  • Fundamentals of Technology entrepreneurship in global content
    • Dear listener! This module presents the best practices and approaches of covering high-growth ventures in information technology, electronics life sciences, green technology and other industries. This section provides the tools necessary to successfully identify a true business opportunity and to start, grow and maintain a technology enterprise in global environment. You will consider an innovation as a core competence of the outwardly innovative business, discuss different tactics for dealing with the uncertainty and resistances to adapt innovation initiatives for early-stage developments.
  • Strategy development for technology entrepreneurship
    • Dear listener! This module discusses advanced strategic approaches in technology entrepreneurship, which help start-up to create sustainable competitive advantage. You will face the tools and suggestions of competitive product development in technology entrepreneurship. We study global environment and market analysis for sustainable start-up development. Variable market research tools and customization concept would help us to understand marketing sensitivity. For practical attitude we analyze different types of technology strategies. Also we discuss advantages and risks of high-tech products for building effective technology-driven innovation networks and manage industrial markets.
  • Tech Commercialization
    • Dear listener! This module helps you to achieve sustainable understanding of technology commercialization process. We analyze value chain of disruptive technologies and discuss how to build technology leadership in times of change. Different tools, such as SPOD and VUCA discussed for better understanding of successes and failures in different stages of investing. Strategic modifications to existing development processes that can make start-ups more innovative friendly are considered, from anticipating customer problems and enabling technologies, to creating roadmaps, and identifying the critical roles needed for moving, selling, and marshaling innovation through your functioning organization.
  • Final course draft
    • Dear listener! This module is focused on your practical skills development. Through case study solving problem you’ll reach the best solution for technology venture and achieve excellence in technology entrepreneurship. You will be able to develop your skills through the decision-making process and get the desired level of technology start-up management competencies. We hope that this module provides you incredible practical achievements in technology entrepreneurship and start-up development.